Saturday, July 19, 2014

They Say the Best is Yet to Come

Henry was playing in the bathtub a few nights ago.  It was one of those nights when bath time lasts way too long and I started to get bored/tired/hungry.  In hopes of coaxing him out of the tub, I opened the drain.  He continued to play, moving boats, cars and trains through the water, mimicking the sound of each and babbling to himself.  He flipped over onto his stomach and pretended to swim as the water drained.

It was one of those times when the awesomeness of childhood and having a child suddenly wipes away any exhaustion, anxiety and the hundreds of other difficult emotions that come the day your child is born.

I couldn't help but smile at his obliviousness, not only to the now-empty tub but also to the world in general.  We're always told "the best is yet to come" but this is the most carefree, simple time of his life.  Yes, he has years of childhood ahead of him.  But, even that period isn't always without its ups and downs.  As I tried to soak up his happiness, it hit me.  He will never remember this time of his life.  So negative, but so true.  I quickly pushed the awful realization to the back of my mind, scooped up my little man, wrestled him into a diaper, read, sang and prayed with him, and put him to bed.  That night I promised him I would do everything possible to make these early years last as long as possible.

On a slightly lighter note...

Sunday evening, Henry lost a fight with the toy cabinet and started the week with a black eye and swollen nose.  By 10 am on Monday, his teacher had called to say he busted his lip playing outside .  But! It's now Friday evening and we haven't had any other major accidents!  I think he needs a shirt with this message:

And on an even lighter note...
Henry learned a new life lesson - deciding the best way to eat Oreo's (or the Whole Foods duplex knockoff).  His method - splitting them open and eating the middle first, the chocolate cookie next, and the vanilla cookie last.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'm usually the type of person that can't bear the thought of shopping for next seasons clothes.  Coats and sweaters with 100% humidity outside?  Shorts and swimseats with pasty skin?  No thanks.

But, with highs in the 70's all week and an impending move to snowy Connecticut (30-50" a year), I'm a little excited for warmer clothes.  Never mind that I haven't bought a winter coat since we lived in New York - over 5 years ago!

A few days ago, the Husband, Henry and I ventured out to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I think they really came along for the famous tomato soup.  If you're smart enough to have your own Nordstrom credit card (it's not too late to sign up), you can sneak behind the Early Access curtains in the stores or shop online. Everybody else will have their chance to shop starting Friday (July 18th).

Here are a few of my favorites.

Pendleton Jacquard Blanket Coat | $367.90 ($550 after sale) | I can't believe this is Pendleton!

Zella 'Live In-Power Play' Leggings | $37.90 ($58 after sale) | I live in Zella leggings in the winter; These are so much more fun than my normal black pair.

Peter Millar Carmel Plaid Sport Shirt | $82.90 ($125 after sale) | The Husband is obsessed with all thing Peter Millar.  This shirt would be perfect for a casual business happy hour with his new clients.

Peter Millar Waffle Knit Cotton + Cashmere Quarter Zip Sweater | $116.90 ($175 after sale) | Is my husband the only one whose winter uniform include a half-zip pullover?  Apparently, you can never have too many.

Patagonia Down 'Sweater' Jacket | $65.90 ($99 after sale) | I bought this for Henry and the kelly green color is so cute on him.  Now if I can just decide between the 2T and 3T for next winter...

Levtex 'Zebra' Embroidered Accent Pillow | $25.90 ($39 after sale) | I can't believe it's almost time for Henry to have a big kid room.  I love that this pillow screams "zoo" but isn't too childish.

Have you shopped the Anniversary Sale yet?  Anything you fell in love with that is worth blowing my credit card limit?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wanted: Eat-in Closet

I have a confession ... when Henry discovered food (not the pureed goop, but the real thing), I became a closet eater.  I don't really eat in the closet but that's only because they are all overflowing with the Husband's clothes.  However, I'm not above distracting Henry in another room so I can eat my own bowl of cereal.  I still don't understand why my bowl of cheerios is so much more appealing than his.

Many nights, while Henry is sitting in his highchair eating dinner, the Husband and I secretly snack from a bowl of Kansas City's own Topsy's popcorn carefully hidden behind a kitchen towel.  There's a real art to it.  One parent distracts the ravenous monster while the other sneaks over to the hidden bowl, grabs popcorn and chews it as quietly as possible (preferably with back turned towards monster).  Any misstep and the whole bowl belongs to Henry.  For now I have him convinced that wine, like coffee, is hot and that's enough to make him waive his hand at the glass and walk away.

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